Used Books & Textbook Rentals

One of our goals is to help provide equal access to education, regardless of your socio-economic background. Some of the ways we’re trying to do this is through our Used Book sales and Textbook Rental Project.


Used Books

Pembroke and Iere also sells used textbooks that parents can purchase at a discounted price, depending on the condition of the book. None of the used books listed on our website will be sold to our customers if we believe the condition of the book isn’t up to par. We seek to ensure that your children are still provided with the same quality of education if they buy a new or a used book.


Pembroke and Iere will buy any used school textbook still currently listed on the SEA/CSEC/CAPE syllabus from parents/guardians seeking to get move on the textbooks for which they no longer have any use. The textbooks will be evaluated to ensure that they are up to our standard. After our representative have decided that the book meets our standard, the condition will be decided based on an internal grade system and an offer will be made. Once accepted by you (the seller), you shall be paid. Better offers are given to books that we’re purchased from Pembroke & Iere Ltd.


Textbook Rentals

We’re still working to implement this idea and get this project off the ground in a way that makes it viable and beneficial for both Pembroke & Iere Ltd and our customers. When details are finalized, our customers will be informed. Thank you.